A bleeding vegetable steak, “impossible” you said?

A bleeding vegetable steak, “impossible” you said?

22 oktober 2019
Impossible Foods (IF), a company in Silicon Valley, has managed to create a veggie steak that can trick even the most carnivorous epicurean.

The company started from a simple observation: some vegetarians decide to stop eating meat out of conviction but still appreciate the taste of it. Others simply do not want to stop eating meat because they like it and are not ready to stop it.

Impossible Foods then wondered how to convince the most reluctant to change their eating habits. How to reproduce the taste of meat, only with plants? What makes the meat taste like meat?

By analyzing the elements that make up the taste of a steak, the Impossible Foods teams have reproduced four key factors:
  • The metallic taste from the iron contained in the blood is reproduced by a gene extracted from soy and added to the yeast.
  • Fat is created by combining coconut oil and sunflower.
  • Proteins are replaced by textured potatoes and soy proteins.
  • And the binder chosen is methylcellulose, a binder often found in ice cream, sauces or jams.

These combined elements would make it possible to reproduce as accurately as possible the taste, intake and texture of a beef steak. A vegetable steak can then be bleeding.

Impossible Foods demonstrates by the figures that eating an Impossible ™ steak instead of a classic beef steak saves 96% of farmland, decreases water consumption by 87% and eliminates 89% of CO2 emissions.

Not yet marketed in France, this steak should quickly arrive in our restaurants and supermarkets. For manufacturers, ActiMeat has positioned itself to distribute it as soon as possible to its customers through a dedicated license.

And you, would you be ready to eat a vegetable steak that has the same taste, texture and intake as a classic steak?