All about the Nutri-Score

All about the Nutri-Score

11 juni 2020
Created in 2016, the Nutri-Score is a visual element that aims to facilitate the understanding of the classic nutritional table and thus help consumers make healthier food choices.

This logo assigns an overall score to food products represented in 5 levels ranging from the most nutritionally favourable (rated A) to the least favourable (rated E).

Increasingly demanding on brand transparency and commitment, consumers are using the Nutri-Score to compare several products in the same range, simply and quickly, and make healthier food choices.

Since its appearance on the shelves, awareness of the Nutri-Score has continued to grow. In 2019 :
  • 86% of French people identify the Nutri-Score as a means of qualifying the nutritional quality of products.
  • 92% consider that it provides quick and easy to understand information
  • 85% think that they are easy to spot on the packaging
  • 86% reckon that it guides them in their purchases
  • 1 out of 2 French people have bought a product on which the Nutri-Score is affixed
Sources : Sante Publique France

The major groups in the food industry are getting involved to impose the Nutri-Score

In many countries, the Nutri-Score has rapidly demonstrated its performance and made it possible to evaluate the traceability and quality of a product.

Today, large companies and associations wish to continue this dynamic and make this logo mandatory in Europe and thus enable the bar to be set higher!

ActiMeat puts quality at the heart of its strategy

Since the appearance of the Nutri-Score, ActiMeat has reacted immediately by integrating systematic nutritional communication on all its products in order to guarantee their high quality.

Today, the Nutri-Score has become an element of constant improvement of its products and allows it to respond more easily to this demand.

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