All the ActiMeat expertise in the nugget !

All the ActiMeat expertise in the nugget !

02 juli 2019
ActiMeat has selected for you roasted beef nugget, 100% of French origin. Ideal for decorating all your pizzas with a simple gesture, they offer a very generous visual coverage.

These nuggets contain all the know-how with a sought taste and a controlled texture.

The cooked meat roasted in pieces of a perfectly calibrated and controlled size for your dosage, remains extremely tasty and mellow despite its small shape, that is the innovation!

Carefully prepared from selected raw materials, ActiMeat nuggets are ideal for succeeding in your mini puff or snack appetizer recipes.

It is even possible, if you want a strong commitment in your products, to obtain them in organic meat or with meat from an animal welfare sector. We adapt our products to your specifications.

You can also use these pieces of roasted meat for inclusion in sauces and cooked dishes, providing a topping or a spread plate cover, because the nuggets are small, regular but do not break, and this is also innovation!
Don’t wait any longer to turn your recipes into real nuggets!

100% beef. No artificial flavors or preservatives