Animal welfare at the heart of our purchasing process

Animal welfare at the heart of our purchasing process

27 januari 2020
Consumption habits are changing, consumers want to eat healthy, organic and fair-trade food. It also involves making sure that the animals you are eating were treated with respect.

Animal welfare has therefore become a societal, technical and economic issue.

In this perspective, ActiMeat has decided to put the philosophy of animal welfare at the heart of its CSR policy and purchasing logic.

In addition to seeing the emergence of numerous appellations (free-range chicken, milk produced from cows raised on pastures, etc.), slaughterhouses are also concerned by this trend. ActiMeat is therefore committed to its customers by selecting suppliers who take animal welfare seriously.

This has become a key point in the business and an essential purchasing criterion !

All these changes are encouraged by :
  • the framework and the inter-professional rating scale specific to INTERBEV.
  • the CE1099/2009 standard on animal protection.

To ensure this customer guarantee, ActiMeat audits and evaluates its suppliers based on a new standard set up by the slaughterers and approved by the animal protection NGO OABA.

This audit system covers the entire slaughter process: from transport to the killing of the animal.

There are 134 control points in the framework, and it is grouped into four main families :
  • The environment : not too noisy, not too bright, no dangerous objects, suitable floors and corridors, good ventilation, comfort and safety for the animal...
  • Premises & equipment : clean premises, with water, food if necessary, not dangerous, optimal management of the areas (unloading, trap...), adequate and complied to standards material, no abusive or dangerous restraint...
  • The functioning : respect the unloading methods, respect the timing in each zone, the conditions of stunning, bleeding, hoisting, restraint, make sure that the equipment is in good condition, respect the religious rites, pay attention to the jigs.
  • Training and awareness raising : having a good behaviour towards the animal, compulsory training in animal well-being

In addition to this audit matrix, it is mandatory to have at least one Animal Protection Officer (APO) in the establishments who is responsible for enforcing these rules.

Finally, all slaughterhouse staff undergo qualifying training on animal welfare, which can be disadvantageous if it is not successful.

In doing so, ActiMeat is committed to meeting consumer requirements and respecting the following animal freedoms as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council :
  • Physiological freedom
  • Environmental freedom
  • Sanitary freedom
  • Behavioural freedom
  • Psychological freedom

By implementing those requirements towards its suppliers, ActiMeat guarantees its customers products from channels that respect animal welfare.

In the meantime, Actimeat goes further by offering, in an optional approach, a certified sector that integrates the breeding, animal feed, care and living conditions of the animals into the slaughtering conditions, a real marketing argument to reassure consumers.

Talking about animal welfare also raises the question of alternatives to meat and this question brings new development possibilities for ActiMeat : Veggie food !

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