Digital transition, the 3rd Industrial Revolution

Digital transition, the 3rd Industrial Revolution

07 mei 2019
In a world where instantaneity is the new standard, digital transition is a major stake for companies.

Digital change our beliefs and habits. Falling prices, increased competition, reduced competitive advantages, hyperconnected world…Companies must evolve to adapt to these new challenges.

Nowadays, a huge number of companies struggle facing this transformation.

At ActiMeat, we embrace this digital transition et we regularly update our tools to face these new challenges.

Actually, we took the digital turn a few ago by creating the ActiMeat Store, an innovative and inspiring ecommerce website.

We offer buyers a totally new digital experience in the agri-food market. We even propose to receive for free sample boxes so that they can test our products before purchasing.

Millennials are or will be our future clients. The use of traditional communication channels is no longer enough. Online shopping is the new norm and has the advantage of being a fast and efficient buying channel. However, we believe human contact between a buyer and a seller is and will remain fundamental in the decision-taking process.

Sometimes lost in the jungle of this new all-digital era, the visitor can drop quickly. With ActiMeat, you will always find dedicated people ready to interact and to guide you in your projects.

Do you still believe it is not possible to buy meat online? Please, join us on ActiMeat Store, we will prove you wrong!