The ActiMeat Factory bets on new technologies and innovation

The ActiMeat Factory bets on new technologies and innovation

06 december 2019
This is an ambitious but far from impossible project for ActiMeat: to double in size within 4 years and reach €80 million in turnover.

Whether it is technical innovations on cooking lines, automation on packaging stages, new production processes resulting from research and development or environmentally friendly energy management methods, all are designed to increase product quality, production efficiency and volumes but also the quality of life at work for teams.

These innovations have been implemented to ensure the evolution of the offer of "tailor-made" products offered to major manufacturers of elaborated products (the company's historical customers).

The products, raw, cooked, processed, ginned or reformed are IQF frozen. From now on, it is also possible to find on the Store ActiMeat e-commerce site, for European agri-food industry SMEs, products sold on a pallet basis, including products based on animal or vegetable proteins from peas, wheat or soya, which are dedicated to the preparation of sauces, ready meals or snacks.

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