Vegetarians and Actimeat’s Veggie range

Vegetarians and Actimeat’s Veggie range

12 februari 2019
Since the late 90’s, meat consumption has been declining.

Nowadays, in France, 2% of the population is vegetarian and one-third is flexitarian.

This way of life is increasingly present. Many French people become vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians, for ecological, ethical or health reasons.

Faced with this trend, the Agri-Food Industries retaliated with vegetable proteins. As we know today, many plants are the sources of this nutrient. Seitan, quinoa, seaweed, soy and peas are rich in proteins and are suitable for people with this type of diet.

And it is among other things on this cereal, the pea, that Actimeat has decided to bet for its meat substitutes: minced meat, meatballs and Veggie steaks.

Tasty and 100% vegetal, Actimeat's Veggie range offers the same texture and nutritional qualities as animal’s meat origin.

The manufacture of these food substitutes is known to require seven times less resources than meat manufacturing.

Facing with this growing demand, what are you waiting for to try Actimeat's Veggie range ?